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Boutique Services

It's all about You! 
Have you worked with several people in the real estate business and still feel unsatisfied?

Perhaps, it's because they have not taken the time to put your needs first and put all other priorities and personal goals to the side.  We're not selling a car or a gym membership here.  We're assisting people with one of the most important and sometimes time-consuming events in their lives.

With events such as these, its important that those that are representing you have your best interests in mind and are 100% dedicated to you.

We at Overmyer Group are not in the business to be the biggest agency on the block.  In fact, if we ever were, we would have failed our goal.  What is our goal, you ask?

Help one, then help another.
For the last 4 years our Broker-Owner has been extremely successful in the business of real estate based on doing the right thing and good old fashioned word-of-mouth.  He has lived by the montra to assist his customers no matter how difficult or time consuming.  All he ever wishes is that, in return, his customers share their positive experience and send others interested in real estate his way.  He admits that the best customers are those referred to him from previously satisfied customers and ensures that his previous customers do not regret a referral by providing a consistent level of service and care to all his customers.

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