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Short Sales

The Reality

In Orlando and Central Florida, Short Sales are a reality.  Our Broker-Owner has been assisting customers with buying and selling Short Sales since 2008, has seen all sorts of scenarios play out and has seen the evolution and streamlining of the process as it exists today.  This type of experience is hard for customers to find,especially those that are below a certain price point that many other agencies will not even touch.

Sellers, Rejoice!
Our broker-owner truly finds personal satisfaction helping owners out of a difficult situation and never points fingers or assigns blame towards anyone.  (Honestly, he got into the business by helping friends, one-by-one, success story after success story, and became an immediate success story.)

Buyers, Have we got a Deal for you!
Pleasant Yes. There are still deals out there for you and we know how to find them.  Of course, there are web sites and such that you can use to find some short sale properties on your own.  Think of your own field of expertise for a second.  Would someone benefit by having your knowledge and experience before they tried to do what you do every day?  Exactly..and you should continue to hone your craft or skill and let us do the same by representing you.  Please give us a call at 407.920.1950 or click on our Contact Us page (located in the top right hand side of this page).  We look forward to hearing from you!

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